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Q. Do I have to have Fibromyalgia to read this blog?

 A. Nope, you sure don’t.


Q. Who might enjoy this blog?

 A. This blog is enjoyed by many. You may like it if you have Fibromyalgia or any other chronic illness.        Or, you may enjoy it if you would like to know what life is like for those who do.

 Or you might just like me and want to read what I write, and that’s ok too.


Q. If I do have Fibromyalgia will you tell me how to make it better?

 A. Nope, but I sure hope to bring you a smile or two now and then.


Q. How often should I check fibroandme.ca for updates?

 A. Everyday!


Q. Can I leave comments?

 A. Please do!


Q. What if I’m shy?

 A. It’s ok, you can still leave comments, if anyone attacks you I’ll take ‘em, I’m tough like that.


Q. Where’s the bathroom?

 A. This is just a blog dude, just a blog . . .  


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