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Posted: April 20th, 2011 | Author: FibroChick | Filed under: Fibromyalgia | No Comments »

So I started at the Chronic Pain Clinic. I can tell you it works- I’m in pain! Ouch, ouch, went the first week. Sleep, sleep goes the second. Right now it’s kind of like a tornado of me. A lot of learning, a lot of reminding and lot of recognizing. The program itself is very positive, which I love. There is a strong focus on setting realistic goals and focusing on what you can do. Great for someone like me who tends to try too hard, crash and then beat myself up for failing. I am looking forward to succeeding. Maybe relaxing my expectations a little, finding some simplicity.

Simplicity never seems to come simply though does it? The start of this journey has beenĀ intense, there have been wakeful nights spent worrying about sleep. The exercises are so hard and the worst of it is, they are not hard. They are as simple as exercises can get, yet they are so hard. That’s part of recognition for me. I am not who I used to be. This is me now and I can either cry about it (which I do sometimes) or I can go ahead and make the best of it. I hope this program helps me figure out how to make the best of it. How to let go of old habits and thoughts that take up all the room in my mind and bully all the new thoughts and habits away.

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