Fibromyalgia Pause

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I cannot take another day of this unproductiveness. I do quite fear my head is actually going to implode if I have to be this for one more day. I cannot watch another tv show, or have another bath. If I do not figure out something to do soon that makes me feel like a contributing member of society then I may just regress to infancy. Why not? Pretty much the same. Just laying around, only half making sense. If only I was cute enough for people to bring me presents of O’kosh overalls. My butt’s getting to be about as soft as a baby’s too. What I wouldn’t give to exercise! Not this walk around the block or try to stretch just a little bit exercise, but real, heart pounding, muscles screaming, sweating like crazy exercise. Gawd how I miss it.

And making money! Boy do I miss that too. Not having money, but making money. Doing some action that someone perceives as so valuable they are actually willing to give me currency for it. Oh how I miss making actions worth currency. I actually started direct investing so as to have a little bit of action that may result in currency but that’s kinda long going and now that I’ve finished my research my money’s just sitting there growing. Like me. Just sitting there. Hopefully the money grows bigger than my butt does.

Though with this lack of exercise the race is on. The race is on my friend.

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2 Comments on “Fibromyalgia Pause”

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